Get A Beautiful Smile With Tooth Implant Dentistry Here In Midlothian VA

Woman smiling thanks to dental implants from White & White near Midlothian, Richmond, and Bon Air.

Your smile is one of the most important aspects of your personality. At White & White near Richmond, we know how important it is for you to smile with confidence. That’s why we offer dental implants, often the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants replace teeth roots and missing teeth. The result is a new permanent root structure in your jawbone to hold artificial teeth.

Implant dentistry tends to stabilize your jawbone and help it maintain its shape and density. Dental implants also support your facial skeleton and, indirectly, your gum tissues, cheeks and lips.

Best of all, dental implants feel completely natural and help you eat, chew, smile, and talk – as if you had your original teeth. With proper care, a tooth implant can last a lifetime. To better understand how the dentists at White & White perform tooth implants, check out the video below:

White & White Offers a Fully Integrated Tooth Implant Procedure from Planning to Restoration

Actual patient of White and White who got tooth implants near Richmond and Bon Air.

Actual implant dentistry patient
of White and White

After the diagnosis and determination that you are a candidate for implant dentistry, the tooth implant procedure consists of two separate procedures: installing a post and securing artificial teeth on the post. At White & White, we begin with the end in mind – your beautiful, healthy smile. We do the diagnosis and planning, then Dr. Han places the tooth implant in just the right way so the restoration can fit beautifully. Once your implant has healed, we use our cosmetic dentistry skill and artistry to create a beautiful, natural-looking smile that you can be proud to share.

What does this mean for you? It means that when you come in to our office in Midlothian, VA for implant dentistry, you experience:

  • Continuity of Care: Our team of doctors, Pranee White, and John Han, work very closely together with each other and with you from the diagnosis at the start to the beautiful smile at the finish.
  • Convenience: You are able to schedule all your appointments, including the tooth implant consultation, the oral surgery, and the restoration with our wonderful doctors and staff right here in Midlothain, just west of Richmond and Bon Air. There is no need to search for a separate oral surgeon and drive around town for multiple appointments. Dr. Han is able to place the implant, while both Dr. Han and Dr. White are able to restore dental implants.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Dr. Pranee and Dr. Han are both very skilled in cosmetic dentistry. As part of your implant dentistry team, they can picture the beautiful smile at the end of your treatment from the time of your consultation. This helps them present a treatment plan to you that matches the final crown, bridge or denture with the right type of dental implants for your situation and where they should be located.

Generally, implant dentistry surgery takes about one hour right here in our office in Midlothian. Depending on your oral and body health, you will need to wait from 2 to 6 months to allow the bone to grow on to the surface of the tooth implant before attaching the restorations.

Why Implant Dentistry?

Actual implant dentistry patient of Midlothian dentists White & White.

Actual implant dentistry patient
of White and White
  • Dental implants are one of the most convenient and effective ways to improve your appearance
  • Dental implants are made out of strong, lightweight materials that are compatible with your body
  • Implanted artificial teeth seldom chip and never break
  • Tooth decay will never threaten a tooth implant
  • Dental implants stabilize bone while maintaining shape and density
  • A tooth implant restores crown and root tissues
  • Dental implants replace dentures and removable bridgework
  • You never remove dental implants for cleaning
  • Dental implants are permanent replacements
  • Dental implants make your smile beautiful and natural

Schedule an Dental Implant Consultation Near Richmond

Unfortunately, not everyone is a perfect candidate for implant dentistry. You must have adequate bone support, a strong immune system, and be committed to thorough oral hygiene.  If you are thinking about dental implants, a complete evaluation will help determine if you would be a good candidate.

Contact us today by filling out the form to the right or by phone at 804-379-4483 to see if dental implants are right for you! We love being able to provide this amazing dental services to all of our patients in the Richmond area, from Bon Air to Midlothian, VA!