About Laser Dentistry Offered In Midlothian, VA

Laser dentistry is available to patients from Richmond and Bon Air at White & White.At White & White near Bon Air and Richmond, we are pleased to provide you with high tech laser dentistry. Using the most advanced laser technology available, we treat cavities, tooth restoration, discolored teeth, and periodontal problems with speed and precision.

As your laser dentist, we will make sure you feel very little if any discomfort. Laser dentistry also allows for less invasive procedures and a quicker recovery time than is possible with traditional dental procedures. Quick, convenient, and effective, laser dentistry allows us to help you achieve a healthier, more radiant smile with only a minimal investment of your time.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Since laser dentistry is by nature a gentle procedure, lasers offer many advantages to our patients, including lessening your pain and enhancing the accuracy of our work. For example, lasers can lessen or even eliminate the need for anesthetic. Lasers minimize bleeding (we use lasers to cauterize blood vessels as we treat each area).

Lasers also control swelling, reduce post-operative pain and shorten the healing period. With lasers, we can remove the very minimum amount of soft tissue needed for a procedure, taking off only what is necessary and preserving more of your tooth’s original structural integrity. All this reduces recovery time and aids your laser dentist in working faster and more productively so you spend less time in the dental chair.

DIAGNOdent® Lasers

DIAGNOdent® dental laser technology used in Midlothian at the White & White dental office.
At White & White, the dental lasers we use are powerful, extremely precise DIAGNOdent® lasers that allow us to detect and diagnose tooth decay in its earliest stages. They also help us provide more precise cosmetic and restorative dental services.

Dental Lasers Enable Your Laser Dentist to:

  • Detect tooth decay early
  • Effortlessly remove the finest slivers of decay, preserving hard and soft tissues and speeding healing
  • Provide minimally invasive gum re-contouring and periodontal therapy
  • Help identify decay in less accessible areas (such as in the cracks and crevices between teeth)

White & White Laser Dentistry Near Richmond

As your laser dentists, Drs. Pranee White and John Han identify decay in less accessible areas, such as in the cracks and crevices of your teeth. Prevention is always the best solution to tooth problems, and laser dentistry makes such prevention easier than ever. By treating tooth decay with laser dentistry before it has a chance to spread, you increase your chances of preserving your natural teeth and reduce the likelihood of future pain and damage.

Do you have more questions about the amazing results you can achieve with dental laser technology? Give us a call at our Midlothian, VA practice if you are in Richmond or Bon Air!