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Whole health dentistry combines the treatment of teeth with all of the systems of the human body. At White & White in Midlotian, VA, we believe in and practice whole health dentistry. We understand that the mouth is an important part of the body and that the state of the body affects dental care.

This is why we seek to identify and treat any influence or stress that may adversely affect your overall health.  We also strive to identify unbalanced and dysfunctional systems of the body that may interfere with your oral health. Furthermore, we do not perform any dental procedure without first ascertaining if it may adversely impact your overall health. This includes amalgam fillings. As part of our commitment to your whole health, you will find your mercury free dentist at White & White Dentistry.

Principles of Whole Health Dentistry

  • The state of the mouth affects overall health and longevity
  • Unbalanced systems of the body can interfere with your oral health
  • Restorative dental materials and compounds must be “biocompatible” (mercury free dentist)
  • Dietary recommendations can help support your oral and whole body health
  • If we identify problems during examinations, we will refer you to the proper health care professional

No Amalgam Fillings

As practice that believes wholeheartedly in whole health dentistry, we avoid using metal fillings (including amalgam fillings that contain mercury), mixed-metal restorations or any materials that may cause adverse or toxic reactions in our patients. Patients in the Richmond area that are looking for a mercury free dentist will find a home at White & White.

Rest assured all of our restorative dentistry materials and compounds are “biocompatible”— friendly to nature and humans, and easily incorporated into the body, especially in periodontal therapy (oral systemic health connection).

To support our objective, we rely on OralDNA Labs’ salivary diagnostics to obtain precise evidence about periodontal disease and oral HPV, allowing us to give you more accurate diagnosis and more effective treatment.

Whole Body Support From Your Whole Health Dentist

replace amalgam fillings with a mercury free dentist Midlothian VA and Bon Air

Additionally, we offer dietary recommendations to help you support your oral immune and whole-body immune systems.

We often work with health care practitioners to make sure that everything we do is complimentary to your total-wellness health programs and treatments.

We also may refer you to health care professionals if we identify problems during routine examinations and/or treatments.

Enjoy the Benefits of Whole Health Dentistry

If this style of dentistry sounds like something you would benefit from, or if you need to have your amalgam fillings replaced by a mercury free dentist, please call us at White & White in the Modlothian – Bon Air – Richmond, Virginia area for a personalized consultation.