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Dr. Han is fantastic!! I have a difficult time getting and staying numb and any new dentist hasn’t quite understood this. He truly listened and I felt no pain. He is very knowledgeable and explains treatment plans thoroughly. I also love that can do many complicated procedures himself and doesn’t have to refer out! He obviously also cares about his patients as my initial visit was urgent and he took me in after normal hours.
M. Eversburg

Dear Dr. White: Thank you so much for all you did to make 2009 a special and memorable one for me. I will always be truly grateful to you for making my dream begin to become a wonderful reality. I am celebrating this joyous time of year with a much more beautiful smile this year as a result of your caring expertise. I continue to count you among my treasured blessings. Sincerely and gratefully, R Fitzpatrick.

YEA! My teeth are beautiful, and I want to thank you for everything; great care, laughs, and understanding. Seriously, you made the experience an easy one and I would certainly recommend the procedure to anyone – but only if they come to your office! I have had so many compliments throughout the process. Thank you, Dr. White. Your encouragement along the way, your smiles, and your understanding got me through to beautiful teeth.
J Jahn

Ever since I visited an Air Force dentist in 1967 to have a wisdom tooth taken out I have had a phobia of the dentist. For three months after the extraction I had such pain I did not return to the dentist for 20 years unless it was absolutely necessary. Just thinking about it caused me to break out in a sweat and get an upset stomach. I knew I needed a lot of dental work and began asking around when my wife’s dentist at the time recommended Drs. White and White.

Very happy to have finally found a dentist that doesn’t scare me. Dr. Han takes good care of my kids, too. We’ve been to many dentists in this area and have finally found one that we love!
S. Ingle

My first visit was with Dr. Pranee. I came in a nervous wreck and due to her soothing and reassuring attitude I agreed to begin some overdue dental work. Since then I have had extensive treatment with oral sedation and my outlook on going to the dentist has become a very positive process.

The staff at Drs. White and White are the most fantastic and pleasant people that make every visit very comfortable and have created an environment that relaxes me, along with the sedation I can honestly say they have changed my mind and I now know that the dentist can be a superb experience. Thank you so much for all you have done!

C. Roberts

Ever since I was a child, trips to the dentist have been painful experiences for me.   So, when I heard about sedation dentistry, I thought it was something I should look into.  After asking some questions and doing some research, I decided to go ahead and give it a try.  I’m so glad that I did.  For the first time, there was no pain, no anxiety, and I was totally relaxed.  And, I was still conscious!  I could understand when people talked to me, I could answer when I was asked a question, and I wasn’t so wiped out that I had to go home and crash afterwards.  I napped a bit, but I was still able to go shopping and do some chores that same evening.

Drs. White and White and sedation dentistry are the greatest and I would do this again in a heartbeat.

D. Sweeley

I highly recommend Dr Hahn for any dental treatment you require. I got my first crown done & it feels great! He’s reasonably priced, if you don’t have insurance. His staff are very nice & very professional. They’re always very attentive & caring.
Thanks again Dr Hahn!
M. Vegas

In the past, I have had many bad experiences at the dentist.  Since becoming a patient of Dr. White, my fears have subsided.  I still get a little anxious but my confidence in Dr. White and sedation dentistry have certainly made my dental visits in the past year much more pleasant and less fearful.

I have recommended to my friends and family that if they have any fears going to the dentist, to give Dr. White and sedation dentistry a try.

D. Thomas

After 23 or 24 years of dentures, my lower gums were receding, causing my lower dentures to slip.  I couldn’t chew because of the soreness this caused.

I came to see Dr. White and got dental implants to secure my lower dentures. The procedure was a complete success!  I didn’t even have to come back in for any adjustments.  Now, I have no pain at all, and can even eat corn on the cob.

I am very pleased with my experience at Drs. White & White all the way around.  The people are friendly and professional, the technicians are excellent, and Dr. White did a great job with the procedure.

I would recommend the dental implants, and Drs. White & White, to anyone having trouble with their dentures.

D. Waite

Dr Han is just a genuine guy. He really cares about what he does and the office staff is just magnificent. I like how they get to know you on a personal level and don’t make dentistry an awful experience. I used to hate going to the dentist until I started going here. I also like that Dr Han takes the opportunity to check up on every patient even if he isn’t scheduled to work on your teeth. I highly recommend anyone to this practice.
Dre T.

Dr. White placed an implant for me today and I am amazed at how comfortable it is!  I barely even know it’s there and the process has been great from start to finish.  I’ve been seeing Dr. White for many years, so I know that I can always expect to be treated with gentleness and quality care.  I can’t see myself ever going to another dentist.  I would recommend both Dr. White and the implant procedure to anyone.

E. Pitt

I’m not normally an anxious patient.  But when I had my root canal, Dr. Pranee White offered me sedation.  I was reluctant at first to try it, but I’m so glad that I did.  I was totally relaxed for the entire appointment and did not feel a thing.  What a great experience!


I NEVER write reviews but I am making an exception because Dr. Han is not only an incredible dentist but an incredible man. If you are looking for a dentist he is your guy. This is a true story- I called Dr. Han in horrible pain because of my wisdom teeth late at night. Not only did he answer but came in the next morning on his day off and got me in to have my wisdom teeth removed right away. True story.
T. Alexander

I was having migraines and jaw pain from clenching and grinding my teeth and I was damaging the teeth and crowns in the back of my mouth.  Dr. White recommended that I get a night guard and it has made a huge difference.  The migraines (and headaches in general) have decreased significantly and the jaw pain is non-existent.  My husband even says that I snore less!  The NTI is easy to use, clean and store.  It stays in place all night long, and I got used to it right away.

My experience with Dr. White and his staff has been so positive.  They are friendly, welcoming and compassionate.  I had stopped going to the dentist because I just couldn’t tolerate the jaw pain that even a cleaning would cause me.   I would tell the dentist that I needed a break, and they would say “just a little longer”.  It was clearly more about their schedule than my comfort.  And then, I came to White & White, and they are so considerate and thoughtful, I don’t even have to ask for a break; it’s just automatic for them to make sure that I am as comfortable as I can be.

I highly recommend both the NTI and Drs. White & White.

L. Pritham

Approximately 10 years ago I began suffering with severe headaches in my temples and behind my eyes. I tried everything from an assortment of over the counter medications to treat various types of headaches, to prescription medications and vitamins. Nothing helped long term. Thinking it was perhaps my glasses or contacts I spent hundreds of dollars experimenting with all sorts of special lens coatings and contact lenses, again to no avail. I finally came to the conclusion that my headaches were soemthing I would simply have to deal with as part of my daily routine.

Then, I was recommended to Dr. White for a simple dental check-up. During my first visit, Dr. White asked if I was having headaches, he pinpointed the exact location where my headaches seemed to originate and explained why I was having them. I had developed a habit of subconsciously grinding and clenching my teeth, which in turn created tension in my jaw muscles, up into my temples, thus creating the headaches. I was amazed, I had not even mentioned the headaches to Dr. White and no other doctor had even considered this as a possible cause.

Dr. White recommended that I be fitted for an NTI guard to wear at night. The NTI guard is a very small device that fits only over your front teeth so it is not at all intrusive. He explained that this would keep me from grinding and clenching my teeth and would also help train my jaw to relax. I have been wearing my NTI guard for 2 months now and have not experiencedany of those painful headaches that once plagued me on a daily basis.

Thank you Dr. White!

A Glenn


I was distressed to learn that I would be having a tooth extracted despite efforts to save it.  I had not lost a tooth since I was a child and this situation was very upsetting.  Fortunately for me, I have a great dentist who guided me into selecting the best replacement for the missing tooth.  Dr. White and I came to the conclusion that a dental implant would be the most appropriate treatment plan.  Thanks to his expertise and compassionate nature the entire process was a pleasant one.  I would not hesitate to have it done again if the situation warranted.  Thanks to Dr. White’s encouragement, I now continue to have a great smile!

M. Joyce

Before I got the night guard (NTI) from Dr. White, I would wake myself up in the middle of the night clenching and grinding my teeth.  There were even times that I would wake up in the mornings with a headache from it.

Since it takes up such a small area, it only took me a couple of nights to get used to it, and now I don’t even notice it.  And I no longer wake up with the headaches, my jaw is so much more relaxed, and I’m getting a much better night’s sleep.

I would definitely recommend the NTI to anyone who clenches and/or grinds their teeth .

N. Cardani

I could never imagine how much my smile would improve if I had veneers put on my teeth, but once Dr. White completed my veneers, I was blown away with the difference in my smile.  My confidence has more than doubled.

R. Watson

I was having really bad headaches everyday from clenching my jaw because of a medicine that I was taking.  My boss recommended that I get a night guard, but the over-the-counter ones were so big.  I was afraid that even the smallest one would rub on my gums and make them sore.  Then I talked to Dr. White, who recommended that I use an NTI night guard and I am so glad he did.  I have had no headaches since I started wearing it.  It’s so great to wake up in the mornings now.  It’s so small and comfortable that I was able to get used to it after only one night.  Now, my mouth has gotten so used to it that I notice that something feels wrong if I don’t have it in.

I’ve been coming to see the Drs. White since a friend recommended them in 2006 and I can’t imagine going anywhere else,  The people are so friendly and warm, I actually get excited when I look at my schedule and I see that I have a dentist appointment.  Like I’m going to go visit friends I haven’t seen in awhile.  I’ve had people ask me “Why do you go to a dentist so far away from where you live and work?”  And I tell them that I refuse to go anywhere else.  Plus, with 288 now, it’s so easy to get there.

I have recommended Drs. White & White and the NTI night guard in the past, and will do so again and again.

S. Gott

I utterly dreaded going to the dentist.  I hated it so much that I risked having healthy gums and teeth by not going to the dentist.  I found some comfort in not being the only adult afraid to go.  I knew I wasn’t the only one because on the rare occasions I did go, I could see the terror and reluctance on other patients in the waiting room.  However, when I did get enough courage to enter into Dr. White’s office the first thing I noticed was that the people in waiting room did not reek of fear, not did they have any look of terror upon them.  They were calm and smiling.  The first thing I thought was…they must all be medicated or something…no one is that calm for a dentist visit.  I soon found out why Dr. White’s patients are so at ease.  Dr. White and his staff made me feel like it was okay to be nervous and scared.  Dr. White sat down with me and talked to me about my fear and assured me that he would only do what I felt I could handle.  His office has a warm feel to it that makes you feel at ease.  I am so glad that someone recommended me to his office.  I am now cured of my fear of going to the dentist.  I actually look forward to my regular checkups.  In Dr. White’s office, it is truly about the patient’s comfort, and not about the Doctor’s appointment schedule.  I would and have recommend Dr. White and his office to anyone that needs dental care.

T. Capers Cured 33 year-old Scaredy-Cat

I have to tell you that I had grown to hate going to the dentist.  Years of bad, painful experiences had left me dreading every visit and honestly, limiting my visits to emergencies only.  Your office has completely changed that for me.  From the moment I walked into your office, it felt completely different than any dentist office I had ever been in before.  It was like walking into a spa, a comfortable feeling that you would only associate with a pleasant experience.  I was in a lot of pain when I arrived.  Dr. Ward examined my teeth, quickly identified the cause of my pain and moved quickly to stop the pain.  She explained my options and offered sincere advice as to my best course of action.  She moved forward in correcting the problem and did so with absolutely no pain to me whatsoever.  I simply kept my mouth open and enjoyed the music playing through the headphones.  She told me exactly how to take of the problem area of the next couple of hours as well as the next week.  This was the first time I have ever gone home and did not experience problems afterwards.  She even called the next day to see how I was doing…not an assistant…but Dr. Ward.  I really appreciated that.  She not only made me feel so comfortable while I was in the office; she made me feel special after I left.  Your office has left me feeling much more positive about going to the dentist and I will be a regular patient now.

W. Cox

Hello Dr. White,

Just a few lines about the wonderful experience I have had since using the NTI appliance at night to help “retrain”

my stress reflexes. Before the appliance, I would experience occasional pain for many years in my left jaw. I have had my teeth shaved on occasion to fix my bite, but when stressors in my life are high, I have a tendency to grit and grind my teeth and even change my bite. After time, according the wisdom of my dentist, my jaw was receiving the brunt of the action.

I thought I needed to have root canals, crowns for cracking my teeth or take several ibuprofen to relieve the inflammatory pain. The NTI, once in place, relieved the pressure immediately. I initially wore the appliance at night for better sleep and while I was highway driving (one of my big stressors). I couldn’t believe how much improved my jaw felt, not to mention sleeping better, which means better disposition and less overall stress. My body was able to manage normally again.

Thank you, Dr White for always being on the cutting edge of dental technology. It really benefits us in the long run. The NTI has literally changed my life!   And it’s so small. It really works!

Y. Pfluger

Dear Dr. White:

I thought I’d drop you a note to say “Thanks” for my new smile.

From the first moment I had my initial consult about my veneers, through the initial exam, developing the molds, installing the temporary veneers, to the installing of the permanent veneers, and you and every single person on your staff that I came into contact with, my experience was 100% perfect.

Dr. White, as a person who has been in the service industry for 30 years, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the “Commitment to Excellence” that you and your staff execute every day, and I would highly recommend your services to anyone that has needs similar to mine.


B. Barnes